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In 2006 we visited the area in celebration of Keith's 50th birthday. As we walked through the medieval village and past the property, which was empty and closed, we instantly felt a connection. I looked at the property and said to Keith, "Can you Imagine living in that house"? Then the Universe conspired and the following year we returned and purchased it.

In 2008 we relocated to the region with 4 children, hope in one hand and a dream in another. With significant financial commitments Keith maintained his position in England while I raised the children and managed the renovations. We were easily working 60 hour weeks and living on a building site.

It was a labour of love renovating a 190 year old property which had been closed for over 50 years. We have converted it into a beautiful home and more recently added a restaurant and tea garden. Our family seems to grow even closer as we work together to expand our dreams. We have been very fortunate to make this journey and to give ourselves and our children the opportunity for a new way of life in the countryside.

Please take a few minutes of find out more about us and Les Marguerites through a film we produced with our Group Tours company Aude Alchemy: